Plan your life in 3’s to be more effective

For nearly the past year, I have planned my life in 3’s and I have had the most productive year of my life. One of my goals this quarter is to start writing publicly and I think the best topic to start with is the process that has made me a much more effective person at setting goals and achieving them.

Why the number 3? As you will see, the number 3 is magical — even planning your life in 3’s is itself a 3-point plan (I love how meta this is).

Plan for 3 months

3 sections: health, wealth, and wisdom

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

— Benjamin Franklin (supposedly)

Health, wealth, and wisdom are the three main pillars of a happy and successful life. Your 3-month plan is broken down into these 3 sections. It’s important to focus your attention equally on these 3 pillars without neglecting one or more.




3 bullet points for each section

Another important point is to keep these simple and be realistic about your capability to achieve them. You don’t need to become the perfect version of yourself in the next 3 months. Just try to improve a little bit in each of these categories and when you look back after doing this for a year or a few years, you will be amazed at how far you’ve come.

What it looks like when you’re done

My summer goals for 2020

Here’s what my plan of 3’s looks like for this summer. Some of these are embarrassing (why do I need to remind myself to call my friends?) but I think everyone has simple tasks and goals that they push off to the future that will never get done unless they are written down. When you write it down, you’re making a declaration that something is important to you and you hold yourself accountable to work on it.

When your plan of 3’s is complete, the important milestones you defined are moved into a planner. The last week of every quarter is also reserved for a retrospective on your accomplishments over the past 3 months and planning for the next quarter of your life. If people find this process useful, I will write a future post on how I break these goals down further into monthly and weekly tasks.



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